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Certification Process

Make your home more livable through the following assessment and certification process

  • Select Your Assessor

    Where required by a government authority, an LHA Design Guideline Assessor may be required to certify the project. An LHA Design Guideline Assessor can be found at the 'Find an Assessor' tab above.

    LHA Design Guideline Assessors have undertaken specialist LHA approved training by an Registered Training Organisation which is government by the national training regulator. Unlike all other qualified Industry Professionals which include architects, builders, builder designers, access consultants, occupational therapists and building surveyors, LHA Design Guideline Assessors are registered with LHA and are able to provide a certification logo.

    LHA is not responsible for fees charged by Qualified Industry Professionals.

    Select and contact one of the following Industry professionals including architect, builder designer builder, occupational therapist, access consultant, or building surveyor.


    Assess Your Project

    Once you’ve secured your chosen industry professional then assess the design. The assessor will undertake a review of your designs / dwelling and once assessed at the silver, gold or platinum level. If they are an LHA Design Guideline Assessor as listed on this site they can assign the silver, gold or platinum logo to the dwelling. They will keep the designs and assessment detail on file for seven years for future review.

    Assessment Completed



All architects, building designers, builders, occupational therapists, access consultants and building surveyors who have professional currency and professional indemnity currency are encouraged to work with the LHA Guidelines. Only an LHA Guideline Assessor who has been deemed competent can issue the logo, it is important that professionals undertake the 3 hour training session and complete the online open book exam in order to receive their Certificate of Competency.




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4 Apr 2018

Commonwealth Games village showcases livable housing to 6,000 athletes and officials

The Commonwealth Games opened today with 6,000 athletes and officials from around the world seeing Livable Housing Australia designed dwellings which will be their place to call home over the two weeks of the games.


14 Dec 2017

Lifetime Homes provide LHA Platinum homes for Hobartians

In 2017 Lifetime Homes completed Tasmania’s first Universal Access display home, built to the Platinum level of the LHA Design Guidelines. The Lifetime SmartHome is available for viewing in New Town, Tasmania until March 2018 to showcase the benefit of a certified LHA Platinum level home.



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