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Grocon commits to LHA livability guidelines

20 Aug 2014

Leading real estate company, Grocon, today becomes the first Australian real estate developer to commit to building all future Grocon residential developments to meet the national Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

Grocon has also signed on as a Platinum Corporate Partner with Livable Housing Australia (LHA).

Established in 2011, LHA is working with industry, the consumer sector and governments to ensure new Australian homes are designed and built to be safer, more comfortable and easier to access. 

“The ultimate test of design excellence is a building’s ability to remain relevant. Designing residential apartments that meet the changing needs of all of us throughout our lives is, in our view, an essential component of that relevance and points to functional brilliance,” says Grocon’s Chief Executive Officer, Carolyn Viney.

“We’re very proud of the commitment we’re making to design in accordance with the Livable Housing Design guidelines. It’s a logical decision for our business and we’re excited about the advancements in accessible, lifespan-friendly design that are likely to come from our close collaboration with Livable Housing Australia,” Ms Viney adds.

LHA’s Executive Director, Amelia Starr, says: “Grocon has been a long-term advocate and champion of livable design, and this commitment confirms their position as a leader in forward-thinking and socially-responsible development.

“It takes a company with both vision and integrity to align itself to such an ambitious goal. Grocon’s commitment to build all future residential developments to meet our livability standards sets the new benchmark for the industry,” Ms Starr concludes.

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