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Grocon and Meriton partner with Livable Housing Australia

26 Aug 2014

DEVELOPMENT giants Grocon and Meriton Group have signed on to become partners with Livable Housing Australia (LHA), which was established in 2011 to transform the way homes are designed and built through design guidelines, certification, advocacy and education.

Grocon and Meriton join a growing list corporate partners that includes the Australian Institute of Architects, Property Council of Australia, Lend Lease, Master Builders Australia and Stockland. Other supporters include the Building Designers Association of Victoria, the Victorian Building Authority, Housing ACT and the Green Building Council of Australia.

In addition to signing up as a Platinum Corporate Partner with LHA, Grocon, has also become the first developer to commit to building all future residential developments to meet the national Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

LHA Executive Director, Amelia Starr, said Grocon has been a long-term advocate and champion of livable design and that their commitment confirms their position as a leader in forward-thinking and socially-responsible development.

"It takes a company with both vision and integrity to align itself to such an ambitious goal. Grocon's commitment to build all future residential developments to meet our livability standards sets the new benchmark for the industry," Ms Starr added.

Grocon Chief Executive Officer, Carolyn Viney, said the ultimate test of design excellence is a building that is able to remain relevant and meet changing needs.

"Designing residential apartments that meet the changing needs of all of us throughout our lives is, in our view, an essential component of that relevance and points to functional brilliance," Ms Viney said.

"We're very proud of the commitment we're making to design in accordance with the Livable Housing Design guidelines. It's a logical decision for our business and we're excited about the advancements in accessible, lifespan-friendly design that are likely to come from our close collaboration with Livable Housing Australia."

Meriton's partnership with Livable Housing Australia (LHA) will see it champion best practice benchmarks for livable design. Ms Starr described Meriton's commitment as another step forward towards industry adoption of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.
"We are excited that Meriton will now receive official recognition for a design standard that it has been quietly meeting for some time," Ms Starr added.

Meriton General Manager, Peter Spira, said good apartment design adapts to the changing circumstances and mobility of its residents through every stage of life and the LHA logo is a stamp of quality assurance that people can trust.

"Meriton has been delivering quality apartments for 50 years, and we're delighted to be a part of this evolution," Mr Spira said.

More information is available from the Livable Housing Australia website at <>.

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