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Livable Housing Update - November 2016

16 Nov 2016

LHA has produced practical, common sense guidelines to livability.  The design features embraced by the guidelines are inexpensive to incorporate into home design, and will deliver huge dividends to future generations of Australians.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum ratings represent a trusted quality marlk - a seal of approval that attests to enhanced livability.  LHA's goal is simple:  we champion the adoption by 2020 of a Silver rating for all new homes.  LHA Design Guidelines have been incorporated into SEPP 65 Apartment Guidelines in NSW, they are referenced in the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Policy and are called up elsewhere to increase the livable stock in the community.

It makes smart sense to commit to livability features when a home is first designed and built rather than wait for an unplanned need to arise.  In fact, it is more efficient to design for adaptability up front at first principle.

There may be additional costs for a dwelling depending on variables such as whether the house is on a sloping block, in relation to the density of a development or on the size of a dwelling.  For example at the LHA Platinum level the design requires wider corridors, different tolerances in bathrooms/kitchens/bedrooms and this will potentially alter the design layout and the number of dwellings in a multi-unit development where space is limited.  A registered and insured Architect, Builder, Builder Designer, Building Surveyor, Access Consultant or Occupational Therapist should be able to assist in terms of the design requirements and give advice of the likely added costs if there are any at all.

In particular a call to an LHA Assessor as found on the website or to the professional bodies such as the Master Builders Association and Australian Institute of Architects, will provide the links to the industry professionals.

Livability works for pregnant mums, young families with kids and people with sporting or traumatic injuries, as well as seniors, Australians with disability and their families.  Livability is an investment that makes both economic and social sense.

It also offers peace of mind.  On behalf of Livable Housing Australia, we encourage you to help transform the Australian dream home by adopting and implementing these Livable Housing Design Guidelines,

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4 Apr 2018

Commonwealth Games village showcases livable housing to 6,000 athletes and officials

The Commonwealth Games opened today with 6,000 athletes and officials from around the world seeing Livable Housing Australia designed dwellings which will be their place to call home over the two weeks of the games.


14 Dec 2017

Lifetime Homes provide LHA Platinum homes for Hobartians

In 2017 Lifetime Homes completed Tasmania’s first Universal Access display home, built to the Platinum level of the LHA Design Guidelines. The Lifetime SmartHome is available for viewing in New Town, Tasmania until March 2018 to showcase the benefit of a certified LHA Platinum level home.



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