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PowerHousing Australia joins LHA

31 May 2017

PowerHousing Australia which represents 29 of the largest tier one Community Housing Providers is proud to became a Community Supporter of Livable Housing Australia.

PowerHousing Members manage or own over 50,000 dwellings across all states and territories across the country and a large number of these dwellings have been built using LHA Guideline principles.

PowerHousing Australia CEO Nicholas Proud who is also an LHA Boardmember agrees that the principles of Livable Design makes sense particularly when factored in at the first principles of design.

LHA Guidelines provide the type of housing that suits the needs of increasing numbers of young families, people with disabilities, those whose mobility may be limited due to degenerative conditions or simply people entering their senior years. PowerHousing Members house significant numbers of people with these needs and LHA designed and built housing makes day to day living much simpler and easier.

It is fair to say that with an ageing population and with the expertise of Livable design and construction professionals growing by the day, adoption and use of the guidelines is becoming second nature. Architects and building designers quite often design to Livable Housing Silver, Gold or Platinum and the layout looks and feels modern, functional and aesthetically desirable.

Many states have picked up the LHA Design principles and the National Disability Insurance Scheme uses LHA design as the basis for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) design. Community Housing Providers who have large numbers of existing and new dwellings built to these design principles aim to provide as much accessible and livable housing as possible, particularly for those people registered with the Scheme.

PowerHousing Australia supports LHA and its objectives to provide livable homes for families right across the country. The simplicity of the design principles makes this aim all the more possible.

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