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LHA Assessors reach the 130 mark nationally

31 Aug 2017

All architects, building designers, builders, occupational therapists, access consultants and building surveyors who have professional currency and professional indemnity currency are encouraged to work with the LHA Guidelines.

Only an LHA Guideline Assessor who has been deemed competent can issue the logo, it is important that professionals undertake the 3 hour training session and complete the online open book exam in order to receive their Certificate of Competency.

With Government's now demanding more and more for housing to comply with Livable Housing Design guidelines there is a growing need for assessors.

LHA Director Nicholas Proud said with the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation calling up Livable Housing Design Silver and Platinum there is an increasing need for professional insured expertise and LHA Assessors have had the extra training required to undertake certifications in Livable Housing which can apply to designing and certifying NDIS properties.

Having surpassed the 130 assessor mark there are now Assessors in all parts of the country.

We expect with the Government interest in Livable Design only to grow, the number of assessors and assesment undertaken will grow exponentially.


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